WS Wanderers vs Sydney FC PREVIEW & PREDICTION 21/03/2020

Very good, we are going to Australia, which in the end is one of the few that is still active and it seems that now everyone follows this league.

We are going to look for the under goals although it seems crazy in the A-League but seeing how the games between the two have developed, I think it is worth trying.

The Wanderers are eighth with 25 points, two fewer than Adelaide and Western who fight for the last place for the Play off. They have six games left and three of them are quite complicated: at home they have Sydney Perth Glory Victory and Wellington, while abroad they have Western and Central Coast Mariners. The four home games are the most complicated, Sydney is the leader, Perth although he is not having a great campaign is a better team and a difficult game, the Vicotry despite being the penultimate ranked has players to do damage and Wellington is being the revelation and is third.

Of the eight teams that have options to enter the play off, they are the second team with the fewest goals in favor, 26 in 20 games, and at home those numbers are tighter with 13 in 9 games and receiving only 11:

10-12-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 2 – 1 Central Coast Mariners
10-26-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 0 Sydney FC
11-02-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 0 – 0 Brisbane Roar
11-22-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 2 – 3 Melbourne City
12-20-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 1 Western United FC
01-01-2020 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 2 Brisbane Roar
01-19-2020 Western Sydney Wanderers 0 – 1 Perth Glory
02-15-2020 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 1 Newcastle Jets
02-21-2020 Western Sydney Wanderers 5 – 2 Adelaide United

Those numbers have also been increased by 5-2 against Adelaide who can see that there were no defenses. Aunasí we will have five green, two null and two red in Western home games.

Sydney for its part is absolute dominator of the competition with 10 points over the second which is Melbourne Vicotry, also with the issue of the Coronavirus they do not have to be distracted playing the Asian Champions, so they will have no problem when it comes to putting players.

The schedule is not very complicated, he receives Western and the Jets at home, and he has this game against the Wanderers, Brisbane Roar, Adelaide and the only one more difficult, visiting City.

As expected, it is the team that has scored the most goals with 31 in 19 days and the one that has received the least with 15. Away from home, it has a record of 22 in favor in nine and eight against.

10-11-2019 Adelaide United 2 – 3 Sydney FC
10-26-2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 0 Sydney FC
11-23-2019 Perth Glory 1 – 3 Sydney FC
12-01-2019 Western United FC 0 – 2 Sydney FC
12-21-2019 Wellington Phoenix 2 – 2 Sydney FC
01-10-2020 Newcastle Jets 1 – 2 Sydney FC
01-24-2020 Melbourne Victory 0 – 3 Sydney FC
02-23-2020 Central Coast Mariners 0 – 3 Sydney FC
03-07-2020 Melbourne Victory 1 – 4 Sydney FC

Here things are worse, only two green, three null and three red.

The thing here beyond the numbers is the way to play, Sydney is to keep the ball and dominate the matches, it also has fast people upstairs like Le Fondre and Barbarouses who can kill you on a counter but by default, they always try to play. The opposite is the Wnaderers and more against Sydney, defend in a low block and go against or have the ball when you can.

This season two Wanderers wins 1-0 and 0-1, in Sydney’s first all-time dominance with 70% possession 20 shots and nothing, in Game 2 more of the same, 67% possession and 15 shots and nothing.

I think it will be a game in which the Wanderers seek to make it long, since adding to them is vital, considering that Western visits Perth and can cut points. It is the last derby and Sydney will want to win and more having the advantage that it has. It will be a game with intensity as always and I hope that few goals.

PREDICTION: Sydney FC to win @ 2,08