Poland vs Colombia PREVIEW & PREDICTION 24/06/2018


Continue the action of the group “H” and in this opportunity we will analyze the Poland vs Colombia forecast. After what happened on the first date, both selected are seriously committed in their struggle to qualify for the 8th finals. For this reason and knowing that Europeans and South Americans have different midfield weapons forward, we believe that the option “plus 1.5 goals” is interesting to bet. Remember that the Poles are intense in attack, even though they have left a bad image before the Senegalese. Also, do not forget that the “coffee growers” are still smart and effective even if they did poorly against Japan in the debut.


The Poles arrive badly at this match after losing 1-2 to Senegal, a rival who surpassed them widely from the initial stage. The team did not work because of the lack of intensity shown and especially because they were totally overcome by the physical strength of the Africans. With the defeat put on the table, the team only has to risk this time, as it will clash with a direct rival for the classification. Therefore, it can be said that it is a true ending. He is expected to appear more Lewandowski, who was completely nullified by the defense of Senegal (low performance by not being able to associate with his teammates).

After the disaster happened before Senegal, it is expected that coach Nawalka emotionally raise the squad and motivate them to forget what happened a few days ago. Of course, a coffee loaded for several of its players would not go badly, since the performance of the main figures left much to be desired. The main problem for the Europeans is that the proposed 4-2-3-1 system did not work at any time of the game, as the goal scored on the end was a stopped ball (distant free kick that connected Krychowiak head). It is necessary that the experienced Zielinski, Blaszczykowski, Grosicki and Milik, who were lost in the total intrascendence, play better.


The present of the Colombians is not positive, after losing 1-2 in their debut against the Japanese. With this defeat, their classification dreams have been complicated, as they must now win this game. Otherwise, they could be eliminated with great anticipation. A draw might leave you with chances, but it would be quite difficult to achieve. Of course, we can not forget that the early expulsion of Carlos Sanchez completely changed the process of play. In the end, playing with 10 men during most of the game took a toll on the whole of Pekerman (reduced in the preparation for the goal).

The “coffee growers” need to react and show more of what they did in their debut, being vital that James Rodriguez is a starter and that he does not start as a substitute. Apparently, the team does not have the same quality as that exhibited in the 2014 World Cup. Another player who must also appear is Radamel Falcao, who despite the years is still a scorer of proven experience. Carlos Sánchez will not play for expulsion, Barrios or Uribe can enter in his place. Ideally, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Izquierdo and Juan Fernando Quintero will appear. The South Americans need to recover the confidence to play and baste goal plays (a classic style practiced over the years and that they could not achieve too much by having one less man).

The last confrontation between Europeans and South Americans was 12 years ago, when Colombia won 1-2 in May 2006. For our pick it does not have much value, since it was played a long time ago.


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