BW Linz vs Wattens PREVIEW & PREDICTION 25/05/2018


Last league game where Linz plays everything not to descend, but it is seen that it is a team that does not give much more, especially in this league final.

Life was played in his stadium against Lusteanu and he lost 2-0, the previous day he played again his life against his archenemy for the descent FAC Team für Wien and he hit a 5-0, at the break the match was already resolved with 4-0.
As I said it seems that they do not give for more, they are already 9 games without winning and only has drawn 2 draws, in addition to the ties at home that normally these teams are more garrisoned in their area.

For his part Wattens is quiet in the middle of the table and nothing is played but his last performances against teams like Wiener Neustadt (2nd) and Ried (3rd), drawing two draws when they were playing something else let you see that, at Like Listeanu, they are not going to walk around the countryside.

If the Linz does not have the luck to score in the first minutes, it must leave spaces to go much to the attack, which would be before or after, surely some of the Wattens would go inside, if instead Linz marks first I suppose that it will be protected in its area and we would have to wait for some failure of his weak defense to give the tie, which would again make him leave his area.

His collisions this season would give 2 green and 1 null:

-Fri 06/04/18 1.L Wattens 1 – 0 Blau-Weiß Linz
-Fri 11/17/17 1.L Blau-Weiß Linz 0 – 2 Wattens
-Fri 08/09/17 1.L Wattens 2 – 2 Blau-Weiß Linz

Whatever happens the fee I see it interesting because they give the Linz very favorite for needy.

PREDICTION: Both teams to score / YES @ 1.66