Angers vs Montpellier PREVIEW & PREDICTION 10/11/2018

Angers went out last week Sunday in a crazy match 4-3 to visit AS Saint-Étienne, while Montpellier in house decisively settled with Olympique Marseille. Can Angers revive Saturday night by winning for the first time in five home games?


Last week Angers played in the Coupe de la Ligue with a bred B-team still 0-0 in the regular time against En Avant Guingamp to continue with a visit to AS Saint-Étienne for the second time this season with 4-3 to to lose. Mateo Pavlovic put Angers on a 0-1 lead after 24 minutes, but Stéphane Moulin’s team was only two minutes away from it. In the stoppage time of the first half, Angers then fell behind for the first time, but thanks to an assist from Pavlovic on Flavien Tait, the score was also taken within two minutes. In the second half, Angers then lost the lead for the second time, partly due to Vincent Manceau’s own goal, and came back, but this time, Pavlovic failed to bring his team back to the same level, with a 4-3 defeat as a result.

Stéphane Moulin was disappointed afterwards and put his finger on the sore spot: “Some things that happened were bizarre.It is always difficult to analyze our matches because there are always good times that are ruined by bad moments. scores three times and still loses, it is because you make mistakes on a different front. ” Despite his seven goals, his team scored only two points from the last five matches and also crashed in the Coupe de la Ligue. An important factor in the bad results of the last three matches is Ismaël Traoré. The Angers captain took red in the lost game against Olympique Lyonnais and then no longer won, and the Ivorian will also be suspended against Montpellier.


Due to Lille’s defeat against Paris Saint-Germain last weekend, Montpellier had the chance to win second place, but then Olympique Marseille had to be won. That turned out to be a breeze for the team of Michael Der Zakarian who made 3-0 short with Olympique Marseille. Gaëtan Laborde made his seventh and eighth goal of the season in his sixteenth game of this season and now stands at six hits in his last eight games and looks like the lucky charm of Montpellier this season. All six goals of Laborde, which started the season at Girondins de Bordeaux, in the service of Montpellier were in fact won in matches won by the team of Der Zakarian, just like his two goals for Girondins de Bordeaux in the qualifying match for the Europa League against Mariupol this season.

Michael Der Zakarian, after winning against Olympique Marseille, of course had every reason to be satisfied: “I am very happy that we won and moved up to second place, despite a moderate first half of our side.” In the second half we showed our qualities: we were aggressive and scored nice goals, but we must remember that from one day to the next everything can change in football. ” With his last words, Der Zakarian pointed out the Nantes cup match earlier last week, which was lost in his own home by no less than 0-3 and in which Pedro Mendes ran a red card to make matters worse. Due to the disappearance of Mendes, Nicolas Cozza pushed a line backwards, leaving space for Paul Lasne, the other goal scorer against Olympique Marseille, which makes the game of les Heraults a bit more offensive.

PREDICTION: Over 1.5 goals @ 1.46