Andorra vs France PREVIEW & PREDICTION 11/06/2019

The football writes the strangest stories. One of them is undoubtedly the almost unbelievable series that four of the last five World Champions already dropped out in the preliminary round at the next World Cup. In 2002, France made the beginning of this curiosity, followed by Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014 and Germany at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Only Brazil was able to make the leap into the knockout phase at the tournament in Germany in 2006 as reigning champions. What may this be? Pure random? Or are the teams full and lacking the incentive to win the biggest title in their football career?

Really can not answer this question. The next attempt may now dare the current champion France, who set the crown a year ago in Russia. The very young team around Kylian Mbappe will be credited with great things in the future, too. Nevertheless, the curse on the Equipe Tricolore does not seem to pass completely. In the UEFA Nations League last fall, the French only finished second behind the Netherlands and also in qualifying, it is not as desired.

On Saturday there was a surprising but fully deserved 0-2 defeat in Turkey, with the leadership of the Group H had to be handed over to the team from the Bosphorus. Island lurks in third place; Thus, the qualification for the European Championships is no self-runner for the big favorite. To avoid further slippage, a compulsory threesome is scheduled for Tuesday in the last game before the summer break.

The hosts are at the bottom of Group H and are still without points and without their own goal after three games there. It is more or less just the height of the victory of the French at the game, which is kicked off at 19:45 on Tuesday evening.


About a possible form of home team can be really only philosophize or it can hardly be defined. Andorra is one of the very small footballing nations on this continent and the blatant underdog in qualifying group H. Every point, and even every goal scored, is a great success. There is still a 0 for both stats. On the other hand, six goals in three matches are not bad and Andorra has not been pure cannon fodder so far.

On Saturday, for example, the team of coach Alvarez made in Moldova great opposition and lost only just under possible with 0: 1. An early goal from center-back Armas could not be equalized – despite good chances. The guests were with 10: 5 shots optically even the superior team, but it lacks in the conclusion simply the necessary quality.

All players are in small clubs, partly in the amateur sector under contract. Thus, of course, it is difficult to keep up with international competition. The biggest star in the team is captain and veteran Ildefons Lima, who leads his team still 39 years on the field and is also the defensive boss in the back four. He and his colleagues are working hard on Tuesday.

Either way, the hosts are looking forward to the showdown with the current World Champion – even if the sporting opportunity for a sense of achievement is very low. For Andorra is against France, this forecast is certain, every minute they can keep longer zero, a success.


What’s up with the world champion? Was the 0: 2 in Turkey only a slip-up after a very force-depleting for most players season or hints at a small losing streak, which may endanger the European Championship qualifiers. This question will hardly be answered against an opponent like Andorra. Nevertheless, the protégés of Coach Didier Deschamps want to apologize to the own Annex for the appearance on the Bosporus. The bankruptcy in Turkey was fine. Although the Tricolore squad with the full cast and all superstars like Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann or Kylian Mbappe ran aground, the playful bright spots remained in short supply.

Despite being 59% in possession, the visitors failed to score a single shot on goal by Mert Günok in 90 minutes. This is a bit surprising for the big individual class in attack and indicates that the battery is simply empty after a hard game. After the duel in Andorra, the deserved summer break is finally over for all the players.

Until then, it will once again be necessary to concentrate for 90 minutes and win the small victory over the small neighboring country and thus three important points. Anything but a victory for the guests would be a small sensation. Between Andorra and France, the odds for a tip on the pure game outcome are so clearly distributed that a bet on the favorites hardly worthwhile.

Therefore, it is important to go in search of good handicap bets. This will suddenly be quite different virtues of the proteges of Deschamps be asked. How long do the French go full throttle? How consistently will they exploit their opportunities? It depends ultimately on whether one will speak at the end of a tired work victory of the world champion or a football festival. After the performance on Saturday, the first variant is expected.

PREDICTION: Over 3,5 goals @ 1,56