Anderlecht vs Genk PREVIEW & PREDICTION 16/05/2019

Next Thursday KRC Genk has another “match ball” as Philippe Clément called it. If it does better than Club Brugge, it is always champion. Anderlecht know what awaits them, even though they also have the fifth place to play, which may still give the right to European football. Has the title match been decided on Thursday or does Anderlecht provide a surprise?

RSC Anderlecht:

It is and will be one of the worst seasons ever in history for Anderlecht. After having played European football for more than twenty-five years, it seems that this time they will miss it. The players and coach are still fighting to go for fourth place, but it will be the remaining fifth place that may still give the right to European football, although that is not certain yet. Nevertheless, Ghent red lantern is only on two points, so Purple-White needs the points. Last week it played at the Bosuil.

A good start is half the win, they know that at Anderlecht too. The start of the Purple & White was therefore very promising. After barely 5 minutes, Santini was able to tap Najar’s shot from nearby past Bolat: 0-1. A dream start for the visitors and Antwerp had to recover from that early sacrifice. The home team tried to increase the pressure, but it always went wrong in the zone of truth. Even when Kums suffered his own sixteen ball loss, Refaelov was unable to profit. In the half hour it was suddenly all hands on deck at Anderlecht. After his exclusion against Standard last week, Bornauw again turned out to be an anti-hero with an owngoal, but Didillon came out with an excellent reflex. Anderlecht immediately lost the ball at the kick-off of the second half and that proved to be a harbinger of more calamity. Barely 3 minutes after the break the signs hung right again. A far throw-in was headed to Lamkel Zé, who left Didillon without a chance. Anderlecht immediately had to go into survival mode, because Antwerp took his chance and chased his victim. The visitors were no longer able to solve it, although the persistent pressure from Antwerp posed little concrete danger. Along the way, Anderlecht was able to restore the balance, but the Purple & White did not succeed in creating a threat. Only shortly before the end there was a chance for the visitors. At the request of Verschaeren, Santini ticked over in one time. A scarce bright spot in a disadvantaged second half.

Karim Belhocine had mixed feelings after the game: “We have to be satisfied with one point, because we could have lost here too. A victory would not have been deserved. We have shown the right mentality again, even though that is ultimately not enough. During I had said in peace to go for the second goal, but of course it was difficult after that quick counter goal. ”

KRC Genk:

For Racing Genk, we have to wait and see when it can finally lift that famous cup in the air. But that should not fail because Club Brugge is lurking. The difference is still large, namely three points. But because of the half point that Genk received after the division of points, Club would jump over Genk at a tie, which suddenly made it a lot harder and more exciting. Last week Genk already went to the big competitor. With a win it was the champion.

At Club, everything and everyone was mobilized to put the last trump card in the title fight on the table. It created an impressive atmosphere in a swirling Jan Breydel stadium, but Genk was not impressed. On the contrary, after just four minutes the league leader already took the lead. Dewaest was out of sight with a free kick by Trossard and the defender tucked the 0-1 into the cross in one time. Dream start for Genk. Club reacted immediately, but Diatta did not get the ball past Vukovic. Genk had to go back and forgot to play football himself. Nevertheless, the chances for Club were limited. Vanaken was not in his element and that was evident in the home team. Apart from a solid Diatta cone, there was little to note. Genk started best in the second half, but it was Club that scored. The seventh corner was the good one for the home team. Vanaken won the game against Dewaest and scored the equalizer. Club smelled blood and pushed Genk back. For the competition leader it was just pumping or drowning. Malinovskiy came under pressure after a mistake by Dennis, but Horvath kept Club afloat with a good save. At the hour Leko Openda dropped into the team and that turned out to be a golden substitute. The substitute was barely on the pitch when he gave Club the lead on the instructions of Diatta. Three minutes later, Diatta went for his own glory. With a great shot, he made it 3-1. Vanaken could not even make it 4-1 from the penalty spot much later, but he aimed at the crossbar. It almost turned out to be an expensive mistake, as substitute Gano reduced Genk to 3-2 in the final phase. In the extra time it even became egg after 3-3, a header from Samatta stranded on the post.

Philippe Clément mainly talked about the phase that led to the 2-1 right after the match: About the duel between Wesley and Aidoo prior to the 2-1: “Aidoo is a player who never goes down if nothing is wrong His lip is completely thick, and that doesn’t happen just like that, then the 2-1 comes in. My team got a blow, but after 3-1 they got up, we make the 3-2 and head the 3-3 We could have taken a perfect point here The match was in balance Club has taken one more moment than we are We remain the team that holds everything We are sure with four out of six We must also have a lot of respect for the teams that still play against Club, because Standard and Antwerp are two strong teams. There is no guarantee that Club will get six out of six. ”

PREDICTION: Genk to win @ 2,00