Most common betting markets in soccer that you should be aware of


Soccer can easily be termed as the most popular sport in the world. It continues to be amongst the top earners for any sports book of the world. If we talk about the top-rated fixtures in the football’s calendar year, some betting sites go to the extent of offering over 200 different bets on a single match.

With the US getting the go-ahead on sports betting by its Supreme Court, the volume of soccer bets will only increase in the coming times. The types and number of soccer betting markets offered by sports book these days can be overwhelming for even the seasoned punters. There are literally hundreds of different types of soccer bets you can place on the Internet today. Let’s acquaint you with some of the most common soccer betting markets that you should be aware of.

Match result

Most commonly indulged in bet in soccer, this bet type is about selecting a team you expect to win the match, or bet on a draw. For instance, in the Liverpool vs Crystal Palace EPL encounter (find preview here) scheduled for August 21, you could either back Liverpool to win or Crystal Palace to win or the match to end in a draw.

Correct score
This bet type is about predicting the score at the end of the game. It could be anything hence the odds are pretty high.

Draw no bet

Quite similar to the match result, this bet type doesn’t have the option of a draw. You bet on either team to win the match, or get your stake back in case of a draw.

Half-time/Full-time double

This bet type is also referred to as double result, and is about predicting the scoreline at both half-time as well as full-time, under the same bet. This bet can be very useful if you know that a side has a knack of throwing away games despite leading at the half-time.

Double chance

This bet type enables you to cover two or three different potential outcomes under a single bet. You can back home team and draw, home team and away team or away team and draw. As expected, the odds are shorter, but an extra option can come in pretty handy!

First goal scorer

A fairly simple bet, you need to predict who will score the first goal in the match. For instance, if you expect Mesut Ozil to find the back of the net first in Arsenal’s upcoming EPL encounter against Man City on August 12, you could put your money on him. Here’s a preview of that match. There is also an option to bet on ‘no goal scorer,’ implying that no goal will be scored in normal time.

Total goals (under/over)

In this bet, you must wager money on the total number of goals scored in a match being under or over the mark set by the sports book.

Anytime goal scorer

Quite like the first goalscorer bet, in this bet type you put your money on a certain player to score a goal at any time of the match.