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  • Arsenal – Liverpool Prediction and Preview (22.12.2017)


    Arsenal can be found in the fifth place in the Premier League. Number four and opponent of this weekend, Liverpool, has only one point more than The Gunners. If Arsenal wants to enter the top four again, then only one result is sufficient and that is profit. Something else will not cause us to see Arsenal in the top four after this weekend, but they will probably realize that in London as well. View all english premier league betting at william hill this weekend and the most important game is today when Arsenal will play home agains Liverpool.

    The Arsenal game against Newcastle United was again not very impressive. Mesut Ozil played with a neat volley in the 23rd minute the only goal of the game for his account and that’s what has been said. Arsenal was threatened all the time around the penalty area of ​​Newcastle, but it lacked the team of Arsène Wenger to the well-known killer instinct. The game against Newcastle was therefore especially one to forget quickly.

    Last Tuesday, Arsenal played the quarter final of the League Cup against West Ham United. That game was won by 1-0 and Wenger’s betting to rotate a lot was a good one. There is one problem, however; Olivier Giroud was taken to the side with a hamstring injury and may have been out for three weeks. He will certainly not take action against Liverpool; that game comes too early.


    Liverpool has a relatively quiet week behind it: silence before the storm. Because the team of Jurgen Klopp in the eighth finals of the League Cup was eliminated by Leicester City, Liverpool, unlike opponent Arsenal, did not have to take action during the week. The preparation for this very important meeting went as smoothly as possible, while the preparation of Arsenal was somewhat disrupted.

    Liverpool went to visit AFC Bournemouth late in the afternoon late in the afternoon and as many times Liverpool scored many goals in the Vitality Stadium. The counter stuck this time on four goals, but if The Reds had been a little sharper than it could have been a lot more. Nevertheless, you can not complain with four goals. It was also striking that Sadio Mané stayed the whole match on the bench, but he was not needed either; Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah all scored and the two former also gave an assist.

    For Liverpool it is especially important that you do not lose in London. The gap at number five Arsenal is only one point, so Liverpool is out of the top four anyway. The top matches that Liverpool played so far on foreign soil, however, did not go too well. For example, Liverpool lost a visit to Manchester City (5-0) and was also hard at Tottenham Hotspur (4-1). And that while Klopp performed so well against the top six in the previous seasons. So it is time for Arsenal to restore that tradition.

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  • The psychology of winning a wager

    You will be surprised to know that sports betting has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The wagering of something valuable or money on a sporting event with an uncertain outcome can be traced back to the Roman empire actually.

    These days you can win wagers with wild jacks online real money games gambling casino in a matter of minutes but let us go over the psychology of wagering to learn more about it. It requires three basic elements – consideration, chance and money (or prize or something valuable). You might just think that extensive knowledge of the game or the ability to make predictions are the only things you need to improve your winning chances. However, picking the right strategies and/or numbers is equally important. Furthermore, you should think objectively. You must calmly assess all the information available and make rational decisions based on your findings. Let’s go over couple of these biases to learn more about what factors may/may not work against you:

    Desirability bias

    This is a common bias which affects sports bettors everywhere. Most people who bet on sports are also fans of that sport. As a result, they often like to bet on their favourite teams and players, which, unfortunately, works against winning propositions. Desirability bias is often referred to as preference to bet on what we wish to happen. In simple words, we can replace desirability bias with the term wishful thinking because this is exactly what the heart wishes for even when it is unlikely to happen. It is not surprising to note that most sports bettors get influenced by desirability bias at some point in their career.

    Loss Aversion

    More than winning, people actually hate to lose their money. We approach things in such a way that we work towards avoiding negative feelings of loss more than the positive feelings of winning. We exhibit such strong emotions towards loss aversion that we instinctively try to avoid loss of any kind. In principle, it helps us from being reckless and also in avoiding making bad decisions. Consider the example of purchasing extended warranty for your electrical items just in case they breakdown beyond the first year of use. While such warranties do not really provide true value for money, we still proceed to pick them as we are too scared of paying more money to get them rectified in case we face an issue sometime later with them.


    In sports betting, falling prey to such biases can be disastrous for your wallet; because if you fail to calculate the risks vs rewards ratio correctly, you might end up exposing yourself to extreme losses that you’d never be able to make up.

    While we all realize that sports betting involves plenty of risk, we still place wagers just for the thrill, adventure and fun of it. We need to remember that all of us get affected by loss aversion at some point, however, it can be avoided if we take only calculated risks.

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  • Redbet Promotions Redbet

    Redbet world

    RedBet is one of the most beloved sportsbook in the Scandinavian countries, in the last years Redbet becomed also a well known brand in all over the Europe, and this is a great news for all the gamblers because of the great bonus that Redbet offer. But before to tell you more about all the Bonus and Loyalty Program that Redbet offer, let me tell you more about Redbet.

    redbet is the best online bookmaker in the world

    REDBET is part of the Bonnier Group, they are more than just betting: “The Redbet mission is a simple one; to create a fun, engaging and trustworthy place to play and one where the happiness of our players is always paramount” as they say on their website. The reason we care about the owner of RedBet is because the giant that is Bonnier Group would never let one of its companies cheat its customers. The 170 companies that make the group, divided in 15 countries will always keep a close eye on RedBet and its respect for good business. The website is so well protected against hackers and licensed by so many companies that it makes RedBet one of the most secure internet betting websites out there.

    Get an amazing bonus whit Redbet

    Redbet interface is great and easy to use, you can find here whatever you want like Casino, Poker, Sports, that offers to their gamblers a lot of great promotions and bonuses. The bonuses that are offered to the newcomers are what made the gambling industry grow so fast. RedBet always offers to their new clients some free money to bet with, whether they are on a winning or a losing run. All you need to do for this great promotions is to make an account at redbet and you’ll receice a lot of bonuses.

    Redbet offers you a great welcome bonus: all you need to do is to sing up with redbet, enter the bonus code welcome when you make your first deposit and you will receive 50% sports bonus up to €50 immediately!

    redbet is the best online bookmaker in the world

    Also you may be interested on the Redbet Loyalty Program: all you need to do is register and start playing. When registering at Redbet, you will instantly be added to the VIP program and start receiving CashBack up to 40 % from day one! You can easily claim your cashback every day or have it paid out in the beginning of each month automatically.

    Redbet Promotions

    Redbet Casino Promotion:

    Get your welcome bonus now! Redbet Casino offers you one of the greates bonus in the in the casino industry, you play now and get up to €1000 bonus and 250 free spins!

    Guns n’ Roses Tournament: With Guns n’ Roses releasing we want to make it even more exciting by offering a tournament with some great prizes. Play the most rounds until January 31 and follow your progress on the leaderboard.

    1st place: €1000 cash
    2nd place: €500 cash
    3rd place: €250 cash
    4th-5th place: €100 casino bonus
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    Redbet Hunter Olomouc, 16th – 21st March, 2016: this tournament that will taking place in Olomouc, perfectly located in Czech Republic only 200 km from Bratislava, Vienna and 1 hour drive from Poland. The best hunter on the final day (the player who defeats the most opponents) will receive a ticket to Redbet LIVE in May worth 350€, which will be held in Rozvadov for the third time in a row. The exact date of the Great May Redbet Live vol. 3 event will be revealed soon, anyway, make sure you’re available between 2nd and 9th May! You can find more informations on:

    redbet is the best online bookmaker in the world

    Casino Mobile: Enjoy your plays on the new casino interface, the redbet mobile casino has been developed for the latest technology, you’ll enjoy our games on either your iPhone, iPad or your Android smartphone as much as you did on your computer.

    Redbet Sport Promotion:

    Premier League Hat-Trick of Offers: place a multiple bet on any Premier league match and we’ll refund your bet up to €30 if one or two selections fail. Find more informations on

    0-0 Redbet Refund: Redbet offers you the most excitement matches in: Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Swedish Leagues and Norwegian Leagues. If any of the matches you place a bet on should end 0-0, and you lose your bet, redbet will refund your stake!

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    €700 Red minute – week 4: Pick your Red Minute now and win €700! There are two ways for you to win:

    If the first goal is scored in the minute that you guessed, you will win €700!
    If there is a goal (but not the first goal of the match) scored in the minute you guessed, we will give you €20.

    Redbet Brand Ambassador – Mikaela Laurén: Sweden’s World Champion female boxer and current WBC Female Super Welterweight Champion it’s the new ambasador of Redbet, She took the opportunity to challenge the Norwegian boxer Cecilia Braekhus for a rematch later this year. By winning this match she will without a doubt be the best female boxer in the world.

    redbet is the best online bookmaker in the world

    Redbet Poker Promotions:

    Up to €2,500 bonus on ongame Poker: after your first deposit you can choose the bonus that’s right for you! From €10 all the way up to €2500 – it’s your choice. Just make sure you enter the relevant bonus code when making your first deposit and the bonus will be credited automatically once the requirement is met.

    Ladies in red – 2016: Great poker tournement only for ladies at Redbet. Between 27th of January and 3rd of March we’ll host 20 tournaments, the tournaments are played every Wednesday at 20:00 CET and Sunday at 20:00 CET.

    Tournament details: Prizes: €150 GTD + TOP 4 finishers get a €11 Redbet LIVE ticket. Find more on

    Grand live season 6: The GRAND LIVE Poker Tour season 6” is a great tournement where all players have a chance to take part in a live tournament with huge cash prizes. Each online final series offers a minimum of 80 prize packages enabling online players to win seats at the live events. Each prize package for one tour stop is valued at $2,800 which includes the buy-in, hotel accommodation and spending money.

    Redbet LIVE – Rozvadov: is a live poker series with stops all over Europe. The buy-in of €350 attracts casual as well as professional poker players that all want to have a good time and play poker. Last year we held 3 events in Rozvadov, Dublin and Prague!

    Telesina poker: NYX poker network is launching a new type of poker game called Telesina! This is a very popular game in Italy and has been called the Italian version of 5 card stud.

    What is Strobe Poker: It plays just like the poker you are used to except; you have new opponents for every new hand, you can earn a lot and you’ll enjoy every time your bets.

    redbet is the best online bookmaker in the world

    Those are only some of the greates promotions that Redbet offers you this year, keep close to redbet and sing up now on your account, if you don’t have yet an account at redbet don’t waste more time and sign up with redbet this month and you’ll get a special bonus!
    They also have some other promotions available and you can check those anytime by logging into your account.

    © – Redbet best promotions for 2016!


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